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8/16/2007 -
aka "Tigger"
"Mountain Goat"
"Tiny Tot"
"Little Guy"
"Tiger T"
"Tiggee T"
"Tigger T"
"Lil T"

Tiger is a Whippet, not a Greyhound.  Although both are sight hounds, their personalities are very different. 
To learn more about Whippets, you can read through this informative webpage http://www.whippetdog.com/
Here's another good page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whippet

Why own a Whippet?

Tiger is a nephew of Mischa and Anna.  He is the runt of his litter. 
Even though he's the smallest of the litter, he lives up to his name and can be a nasty little thing! 
He is also very sweet and loves to cuddle!

See pictures of Tiger enjoying his uncle Mischa!

Tiger at 2 months old:

Tiger at almost 5 months old:



Tiger at 6 months:


                                                                                                Tiger "pretending" to be shy

Tiger got Winners Dog in Kokomo, IN on May 17, 2009 for his first point.