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5/16/2004 -
aka "Baby Misch"
"Little Roo"
"Roo Boy"

See pictures of Mischa enjoying his Tiger buddy!

Mischa is a Whippet, not a Greyhound.  Although both are sight hounds, their personalities are very different. 
To learn more about Whippets, you can read through this informative webpage http://www.whippet.com/
Here's another good page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whippet

Why own a Whippet?

Watch a montage of Mischa!


Mischa at 8 weeks old.  How can you not love that face?!

At 10 weeks old, Mischa (on the left) is looking cute with his sister, Anna

At 10 weeks old, Mischa always had his eye on his momma and still does :)

Mischa, still keeping his eye on his momma at 3 months old.

Mischa with his sister, Anna, and Taylor on 8-17-04


Mischa with his sister, Anna, on 2-15-2006

I just love this picture!  I think there are 11 Whippets on that bed! 
This is a perfect example of how a Whippet acts in the house. 
You can see more on the American Whippet Club's "Whippet Snoozing" page.

And people wonder why I love Whippets :)  Anna and Mischa 8-27-06

Below is Mischa at his Rally Trial in Simpsonville, KY on October 28-29 earning his 6th and 7th RAE legs.

Mischa loves to jump!

Mischa finished his Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title on 2-10-2007 at the Indianapolis, IN show under local judge Patty Sample.
Mischa is the 5th and youngest Whippet to earn his RAE!!!

See Mischa's Rally stats by clicking on his favorite Rally exercise!

Mischa practicing agility!

Mischa lure coursing at Fairborn, OH to finish his Junior Courser title on May 5, 2007

Mischa says he's a race dawg now!!!  Carthage, IN Oval Racing 6-3-2007

Mischa and Anna at Kim's house 7-21-2007

Mischa sitting on my head :)

Mischa at his first CPE Agility trial - 8-25-07


Interesting Facts:
 Mischa learned to sit consistently by the time he was 3 months old.

Mischa has the nose of a Blood Hound!  He can find a kibble anywhere in the house. 
If there is a kibble in the couch or that has rolled under something, he will tear it apart to get to it. 
He won't give up.  Even if I don't see it, I know it's there, because he's never wrong! 
I just have to keep looking and when I pull it out for him, he goes along his merry way!

Now that Mischa has earned his AKC Rally Advanced Excellent title (the 5th and youngest Whippet to do so)
and convinced us that he does not like the obedience ring, we are concentrating on Agility with him. 
We started Agility training in 2006 and he loves it.  If I can just figure out how to keep his nose off the ground, we're in good shape!
Mischa is also doing Therapy dog work every now and then.  We are now keeping our eye out for Lure Coursing and
Racing (WRA, NAWRA, NOTRA) Trials that are in the area, so he can have some fun with that too. 
Check out the Critter Blog to see all of the titles that Mischa has earned so far and to keep up with what he is doing.