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BIF Am/Can/Int'l CH WYSIWYG's Lothario V Longo AOM
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4/4/2005 - 8/16/2013
aka "C pup"
"Connor Woof"
"Connor Snort"
"Blue Boy"
"Bubba Blue"
"Mr. Snort"
"Mr. Woof"
"Woofie Snort"

Health Results:
Heart - Normal
Hips - Good
Thyroid - Equivocal
VonWillebrand's 159 (70-180 normal)
Eyes - Normal

Connor now has a CHIC #

This is Connor at 4 weeks old.

Thanks goes to Jennifer Bell for this beautiful picture pedigree of Connor.

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We are very proud and privileged to have a puppy out of this litter.

Meet the rest of Connor's Family
and read about their accomplishments!

Click here for a Great Dane summary, written by me.



Here is Connor at almost 5 months old:



Here is Connor at just over 5 months old:



                                                                   12-11-05 - Connor is just over 8 months old here:                  At almost 10 months Connor is beginning to look more
                                                                                                                                                                       like his daddy, "Luca" Ch. WYSIWYG's Lothario V Longo.



At just over 11 months old Connor got Reserve Winners Dog in Auborn, IN on 3-12-2006

Right after his first birthday, Connor got Reserve Winners Dog under
Best in Show Judge Michelle Billings in Crown Point, IN on 4-15-2006

At 13 months old Connor earned Best of Breed in Greentown, IN for his first point on 5-21-2006

Connor at just over 15 months old

Connor winning Winners Dog at Owensville, OH 9-9-2006

Connor winning Winners Dog at Owensville, OH 9-10-2006

Connor winning Best of Winners at Lebanon, IN 9-17-2006 with Patrice Lawrence handling.

Connor winning Best of Winners and Best of Opposite at Columbus, IN 9-24-2006 with Patrice Lawrence handling.

The Indianapolis Star newspaper was obviously impressed by Connor
along with the many people who stopped to admire him at the Indianapolis show on 2-11-2007. 

Connor and Pilot crashed at Kim's house.

Connor earning Winners Dog in Terre Haute on April 22, 2007
Unfortunately, he was stacked on uneven ground, so his rear looks higher than it actually is,
but the cameraman said he was very nice!

Connor earning Best of Winners for his first 3 point major at the Wolverine Great Dane Club Specialty
in Kalamazoo, MI on May 26, 2007 under Breeder Judge, Linda Ridder, current Great Dane Club of America President.
Patrice Lawrence did her usual excellent job of handling Connor. 
Connor won us a beautiful Director's chair, custom painted with Winners Dog and Dane heads
and also a very nice picnic set with a Dane head on it.  Thanks WGDC!

Connor being a cowboy on July 4, 2007

Finally!  The couch all to myself!

Connor winning Best of Winners at Owensboro, KY on July 21, 2007 with Seth handling.

Connor got second in his class at the 2007 Great Dane National Specialty in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with Seth handling.

Connor got Winners Dog in Kokomo, IN on May 17, 2009 to single him out with me handling him for the first time.

Meet the rest of Connor's Family!



Connor passed away in his sleep last night. It was completely unexpected,
but at least he didn't suffer. Connor was a beautiful, sweet blue Dane.
He loved being big, but sometimes wished he could be the size of his head, so that he could just cuddle in a lap.
He would frequently head butt people, so they would just stand and pet his head. He could stay like that for hours.
He loved people. He was just a big dopey beautiful boy. There will be a huge whole in our lives. In his own way, he was a rock in our pack.

Tell Taylor we love her and miss her, Blue Boy. We love you and miss you already, Mr. Woofies.