8/31/2002 - 6/24/2010
At the Rainbow Bridge

aka "Coco"
"Coco Bean"
"Nutter Butter"
"Kitten Co"
"Princess Co"
"Piggle Wiggle"
"Squeaker Cat"
"Little Chirp"
"Monkey Cat"
"Pilot's Kitty!"

Why does a cat do that?





Interesting Facts:

Coconut doesn't really like to be held
(as you can see, she is very annoyed!),
but she LOVES to lay in my lap.  Everyday during
breakfast, she jumps into my lap and curls up and purrs!
UPDATE!!!  Coconut loves to be held now! 
She wants lovin' so much now that she practically
attacks me in the bathroom (that's her safe room). 
She jumps on my shoulders and back
and purrs and talks to me.  She is very vocal.

Coconut loves her mama!

When people come to our house, they never know that we have Coconut unless I find her and bring her out. 
She always hides.  So imagine my surprise, when she became best friends with Connor's brother Pilot. 
She would roll around and squeak as he sniffed at her.  She didn't hide the entire weekend that he was at our house. 
She even followed Pilot and his owner, Kim, into the bathroom to get more lovin'!  A picture of Pilot is below:

I used to walk Coconut on a leash when she was a kitten.


Coconut hasn't had much of a chance to catch mice, but she
does catch snakes.  She bats them with her paw until she knocks them unconscious and then carries them away. 
She even caught a snake that had gotten into our house!