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5/16/2004 -
aka "Anna Wiggle"
"Wiggily Ann"
"Trouble Whip"
"Anna Banana"
"Miss Anna"

Anna is a Whippet, not a Greyhound.  Although both are sight hounds, their personalities are very different. 
To learn more about Whippets, you can read through this informative webpage http://www.whippet.com/
Here's another good page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whippet

Why own a Whippet?

AKC Point Schedule for Whippets - Effective May 7, 2008

Division 5 - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio

1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points
Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches
2 2 7 8 11 14 16 19 26 28

Division 3 - District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

1 Point 2 Points 3 Points 4 Points 5 Points
Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches Dogs Bitches
2 2 7 9 12 16 14 21 18 29

At 10 weeks old, Anna (on the right) is looking cute with her brother, Mischa.

Anna, crashed out, at 3 months old.

Here is Junior Handler Brittany Jones accompanying Anna to her win of Reserve Winner's Bitch in Kokomo
on 5-21-05 under Judge Anne Rogers Clark.  Annie Clark became a very respected all-breed judge,
after being a professional handler for years.  Among a few other breeds, she bred Whippets.   
The dog show world lost a great asset on December 20, 2006 when she died from cancer.

Here's her close-up.  Isn't she pretty!?

 Anna won Best of Winners under Judge Elliot Weiss in Lebanon, IN on 9/17/05
for a 3 point major and her first points.  Garnett King was handling.

Anna with her brother, Mischa on 2/15/2006

Anna earned Winners Bitch for 2 more points in Crown Point, IN on 4-15-2006.  Seth was handling.

Anna earned Winners Bitch for 2 more points in Crown Point, IN on 4-16-2006.  Seth was handling.

Here's Anna being a typical Whippet 8-27-06

I just love this picture!  I think there are 11 Whippets on that bed! 
This is a perfect example of how a Whippet acts in the house. 
You can see more on the American Whippet Club's "Whippet Snoozing" page.
Anna's Whippet imitation is above.

And people wonder why I love Whippets :)  Anna and Mischa 8-27-06

Anna earned Best of Winners for 2 more points in Lexington, KY on 9-2-2006.  Jeff Lawrence was handling.

After taking a picture of Connor, the Indianapolis Star newspaper photographer
couldn't resist taking this picture of Seth and Anna on 2-11-2007 at the Indianapolis show. 
The show environments just wipe the Whippets out!

Anna earning Best of Winners, under Judge Arlene Davis, in Terre Haute on April 21, 2007

Below is Anna's usual enthusiastic start to chasing the lure by drilling herself into the ground!

Anna, lure coursing in Fairborn, OH on May 5, 2007

Anna finished her Rally Novice (RN) title with a score of 99 and first place in Canton, OH on June 10, 2007.

Mischa and Anna at Kim's house 7-21-2007

Anna loves to steal and chew on plastic water bottles.

Interesting Facts:

Anna is very sweet and loves to cuddle!

She is a show girl just like her big sister, Flyer, and her adopted big sister, Taylor!

Her fawn and white markings make her the spittin' image of her mother, Flirt.

Anna is our little clown and brings the humor to our family.  She's always on a mission to find her prize. 
She scavenges through anything on the floor and even in the trash and comes trotting in to show us what she found. 
She brought me a foot long flashlight once and she looked so funny with the biggest part in her mouth,
hanging straight down as she trotted in to me, I couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes.

Anna is now working on Rally and Agility, so she can be as cool as her brother, Mischa!

Anna has finished her Conformation career with 10 points, including one 3 point major. 
Anna developed immune mediated thrombocytopenia and was on prednisone for an entire year, which wasted away her muscle mass. 
We decided that considering her condition, we were not going to be able to finish her conformation championship.
We also were definitely not going to be breeding her, so we had her spayed.
Anna is still continuing in Agility and Obedience in which she is having a blast!